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Happy New Year from Bio-One


New Year Resolutions

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. The most significant factors that lead to suicide is mental health disorders and substance use disorders. Environmental stressors may also increase the risk of suicide.


As we enter 2020, we encourage you to check on your friends and family, but also take steps to ensure your mental health is in a good place. Below we will list just a few things you can do that may help improve your quality of life. Sanam Hafeez, PsyD, an NYC-based licensed clinical psychologist, explains, "It takes a lot of mental toughness, self-love, and discipline to create the life you want."



1.    Clear Your Clutter: “Cluttered spaces can reflect a cluttered mind” says Haffez. If you are stressed, anxious, or depressed you may start to feel better once you organize and clear your space from unnecessary clutter. 


2.    Exercise a Little Bit: Set small goals, for attainable wins. Dr. Hafeez advises that some people set high goals and when they fall off in a month, this leaves them in a depression state. Set realistic goals, such as walking 10,000 steps a day.


3.    Bring a Friend: Having a workout partner can make going to the gym more enjoyable, but it can also help with accountability. 


4.    Consume Mind Boosting Foods: Eat foods such as fish and nuts which are high in omega-3. Adding mind boosting foods to your diet can help with memory and concentration. 


5.    Apologize and Forgive: "Carrying around resentments and guilt wears us down and, believe it or not, can lead to serious illness," says Hafeez. Forgiveness is not for the other person, but for you to free and move forward.


6.    Learn Something New: Challenge your brain! Trying something new like yoga, a new language, cooking, etc. "The more we can activate the cognitive functions of our brains, the better our short- and long-term memory, as well as our hand-eye coordination will be," Dr, Hafeez explains.


Happy New Year!


Gabe & Rebecca Montenegro