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End Of Watch Memorial Ruck

End of Watch Memorial Ruck

This last week, Bio-One was able to sponsor a very meaningful event called the “End of Watch Memorial Ruck” (EOWMR). This event has taken place two years in a row and they plan to continue it annually. The EOWMR is to remember the men and women of law enforcement who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their community and country. It also helps raise money for the families of an officer that has fallen or been injured.


Daily, law enforcement is killed in the line of duty or committing suicide. This event was a great way to remember and honor our men and women in blue. Keep a look out for this event next year. Caleb Cook, from Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, did a great job of putting this together and honoring the men and women of law enforcement.


In 2018, 150 officers died in the line of duty. This year, men and women from all over the community rucked a total of 150 miles for the officers that gave their lives. Each mile represented an officer, and 150 pounds of lead were carried among the individuals rucking. Each piece of lead was 1lb, and had the officers name, picture, and the story of how they gave their life.The miles were split up into teams of 12 and each team had to ruck distances between 19-25 miles. They rucked in the hot sun, and through all hours of the night. Every mile that was rucked, was for the officer that he/she deserved.


Rebecca and Gabriel Montenegro 


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